Monday, September 8, 2014

Sex Secrets Every Woman Must Know

According to Sandra Scantling, a sex therapist in Connnecticut, minor tweaks can work wonders. She says:
Small tweaks will do it. By altering one movement or thought, by looking for tiny differences in taste, touch, sound or smell, we can refresh the familiar and revitalize our sex lives.
  1. Boggle your own mind: Getting innovative can help you improve your sex life. Something as simple as switching sides of the bed gives the brain a whole new perspective.
  2. Get more imaginative
    Create metaphors in the mind about what you're doing with your body. Let your imagination run loose - so even a light tapping or touch can be imagined something more sexual. Even if the image isn't sexual, this mental approach can make the body more responsive.
  3. Awaken you sense of touch
    Have you considered that there may be many right ways to rub? Experimenting always sparks the excitement. So, forgo the pinch for a poke.
  4. Wait to exhale
    Breathing in unison with your partner maybe not be easy but certainly rocks your sex life once mastered.
  5. Try an enticing new angle
    Start by revamping some foreplay postures as familiar positions for intercourse and foreplay can become monotonous and boring.
  6. Learn the words he wants to hear
    Don’t just talk, get mushy. Women should use their mouths in every possible way during sex. So speak up. The words that excite men the most are spoken clearly and sweetly. According to Linda Banner, a sex therapist in San Jose, California. "Men are driven to orgasm. If women can find a way to communicate, the couple can proceed to have the greatest sex.”
Original article from: Deccan Chronicle

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