Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Dating App Poll Says, 78% Of Men Would Seek The Help Of A Sex Therapist

Seeking treatment for sex problems has become more socially acceptable today. This was highlighted by Meetville.com, a mobile dating service, regularly conducts research among its users. Millions of people from the U.S., Canada, Britain and Australia answer hundreds of questions every month. In the course of a poll, conducted in the period from the 27th of March 2014 to the 9th of September 2014.

In one of its latest polls, the dating app found that 62% of its member respondents answered “yes,” while 38% answered “no” when asked if they found sex therapy acceptable. What may come as a surprise is that more men than women answered affirmatively, with 78% of men responding with an unqualified “yes.”

Among the 109,794 participants polled, the majority of 53% were from the USA. But couples in other countries face the same sex problems: 4% of participants were from Canada, 12% – from Britain, 7% – from Australia and 24% – from other countries.

Gender-specific statistics indicate that males are more active in seeking help, with 78% choosing “Yes, acceptable”.

Alex Cusper, Meetville service analyst, comments: “Unlike women, men have to perform. When men can’t or won’t talk about an issue with their partners, they might start avoiding sex all together, which can lead to relationship problems or break down.”

The answer as to why men favor sex therapy might be found in the work of Dr. Meredith Chivers, a sex psychology professor at Queen’s University in Ontario. “Genital and subjective sexual arousal is much larger in men than in women,” she and her co-authors wrote in one study. In other words, what actually arouses men is what they find sexy, whereas for women, this may not be the case.

Among the experiments Chivers has conducted, women participants have been asked to view a series of pornographic and non-pornographic videos in a private room while an inserted vaginal probe (yuck) measures their response. Meanwhile, the female participants are diligently writing down their thoughts and feelings in a journal.

Chivers told The New York Times:
Women are apparently disassociated from their bodies and have greater difficulty than men in connecting their own erotic responses to what they are actually feeling or desiring.

Alexandra Myles, a sex therapist at McLean Hospital in Belmont says,
There are probably a lot of people out there who could use therapy but don’t come because they’re embarrassed. They may go through years of needless pain or dissatisfaction. 
Talking about sex and intimacy may initially feel awkward, but sex therapists are trained to put you at ease and are skilled at identifying and exploring your concerns.
Whether you believe any strictly designed scientific study can uncover the truth about sexuality, before driving away with "Sex Therapy". “Something’s got to pop up that can help with this. Right? Right?”

Source: Medical Daily

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