Monday, August 25, 2014

What Women Need To Have A Better Sex Life

According new research study: 78% of women aged between 20 and 68 agree on the secret to better sex. The answer? It's being in love. That's right - apparently we've got to be in to the icky stuff to have *really* good sex.

Dr. Beth Montemurro, associate professor of sociology at Penn State Abington, led the study and says that when it comes to sex we ladies associate trust with love.

"When women feel love, they may feel greater sexual agency because they not only trust their partners but because they feel that it is ok to have sex when love is present.

"On one hand, the media may seem to show that casual sex is ok, but at the same time, movies and television, especially, tend to portray women who are having sex outside of relationships negatively.

"For the women I interviewed, they seemed to say you need love in sex and you need sex in marriage."

Trust is key to relationships, as is feeling confident so having both in the bedroom will definitely have you on track for a better sex life.

While casual flings work for some, being in a relationship that is stable where you can really be yourself clearly has more satisfying results for the majority.

This article originally appeared on My Daily

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