Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why Are You Still Single? by Amy Waterman

You're tired of being alone. You want to meet someone.

But you just can't be bothered with the effort it takes.

Why give up your comfy evenings at home for a cold bar and nervous conversation? Besides, your life is just fine as it is. You don't "need" a man to be happy.

And I've got a book that you just might be interested in.

Dating for REAL Women

It's a program designed specifically for women who've had a little "life experience" under our belts!

We women don't always realize it, but we have a lot going for us: maturity, wisdom, and life experience, to name but a few.

But when it comes to meeting men, we tend to think that we're operating at a disadvantage.

We think that something about us puts men off.

If it's not our weight, it's our age. If it's not our previous marriage, it's the fact that we have kids. Anyway, all the good men our age have already been taken, so there's no use trying, is there?

We've got a LOT of reasons to avoid trying to meet men. We're good at convincing ourselves that we can't be bothered with dating.

I've got to be honest with you.

Those excuses just don't cut it.

Why You're Still Single

You may have 101 reasons that you're still single, but I'm not believing any of them.

The REAL reason you're still single ... is because YOU want to be.

The fact is: if you really wanted to be in a relationship right now, you'd be in one.

But I suspect - and this is only a hunch - that you have a lot of fear inside where relationships are concerned.

I think you're worried about putting yourself out there...

Worried about getting hurt...

Worried about what will happen when a man sees the "real you"...

Worried about what you'll have to give up if you meet someone.

There's nothing "wrong" with those fears. Everyone has them.

But you'll only hold yourself back if you allow your fears to affect how you live your life.

Do You Want a Relationship?

Are you tired of being on your own all the time?

Do you ever want to lean on a man’s strong shoulders and let him carry part of the burden … but you’re scared to, because you worry that the moment you lean on him, he’ll step away and let you fall to the ground?

If you answered yes, I have good news.

My brand-new course, The REAL Women REAL Love Guide to Fearless Dating, is designed to help women who feel stuck in their love life.

If you've ever felt that you're doomed to be on your own forever, then this program will help you BREAK through those barriers keeping you single.

My program is based on the Four Pillars, which are four foundational principles that will keep you strong, loving, and 100% irresistible.

Master these Four Pillars, and you'll irresistibly attract anyone you come in contact with, not just men!

That's because my system helps you rebuild your life from the inside out, starting with your thoughts and feelings about men and relationships.

When you've got a good solid emotional foundation, your ability to flirt and make small talk with men flows naturally. You don't even have to think about it!

Say YES to a New Life!

One thing is certain:

If you don't change something now, your life is never going to change.

You can't just sit back and wait for Prince Charming to come knocking on your front door.

Love doesn't come knocking. YOU have to invite it in.

I invite you right now to visit website,

Take that first step towards change. Open up those doors to love. And I promise:

You'll never look back.

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